About us

Carolina Energy Distributors began in Gastonia, NC  when Paul and John Hecimovich purchased Piedmont Battery in 1992.  The company operated with a retail outlet, as well as a small delivery route and some commercial business.  As larger stores moved into the surrounding area, the company began to refocus on niche markets, with golf being the most successful.  In order to focus on the golf markets along the coasts of the Carolinas and Georgia, the company expanded and opened a warehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC. In 1998, Piedmont Battery formed a partnership with Trojan Battery and was named one of their initial Master Distributors.  After five years of growth, Piedmont Battery was reincorporated and became Carolina Energy Distributors. For a decade, the company continued to flourish and form partnerships with premium battery lines, as well as cultivate lasting relationships with customers.

Now, in 2014, the company is expanding throughout the United States and all over the world. The company’s objective has always been to supply the highest quality products and unparalleled customer service at prices that are valued by customers. Carolina Energy Distributors still holds dear those values that have made it a great company from the beginning, while branching out and becoming more than just a battery distributor.